The scientific linkpages of Peter Guhl

A few years ago I joyned Nick Donaldson's Hawking Forum to discuss Cosmology and related topics. Every then and when someone posted links to papers about the discussed questions. I collected some of them and packed them, together with some findings I did myself, into two linkpages:


The physics linkpage An astronomy linkpage
The main topics of the Forum like cosmology, relativity, black holes, topology, strings, quarks and much more can be found here!


Other topics which shows up every then and when because it is often closely tied to the mainstream are things like astronomy, space-flight, planetology etc. Because the Physics linkpage startet to become really large and slow I created this second linkpage which may not be that complete but act as a good starting point.

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Other parts of my personal website are at the homepage! Grab your German Dictionary and dive in ;-)